Notion Redesign

Conquering the learning curve for better productivity

A hero Image from Notion’s official page


Notion launched its first foreign version in Korean on August 10, 2020
My 4-month journey from initial ideas to design


A screenshot of the Notion’s Korean community

“Not everyone at your workplace is a Hipster.”


I met first-time users of Notion for observing their behavior when getting started with the app

1. Lower the entry barrier: Onboarding

[Current] Notion starts with a very simple guidance page on how to get started

Hypothesis: A certain number of onboarding screens will help overcome the initial learning curve and ease users into the app.

[My Suggestion] How my design incorporated with the current flow.
[Solution1] Onboarding Screens

2. Eliminate extra setup time for starting real work

Too much flexibility can harm your productivity

[Current] How can I better organize numerous pages and workspaces?

Hypothesis: A default dashboard will help users quick start and minimize confusion.

[Solution 2–1] How to create a workspace
[Solution 2–1] How to manage workspaces
[Solution 2–1] Users can turn the group of pages into a workspace
[Current] The current template page presenting the same Meeting Notes at all jobs

Hypothesis: A better way to showcase templates will help the user’s search.

[Solution 2–2] How I changed the template page
[Solution 2–2] How I changed the navigation
[Solution 2–2] How to save a page to My Template

3. Improve user interface for better visibility

[Current] What you will see at first when creating a timeline
[Solution 3–1] Create a timeline with Color Labels and Subtasks
How to incorporate the subtasks in the current timeline?
[Solution 3–1] How it looks with color labels and subtasks
[Current] The navigation from Notion's webpage (Showing how to add to favorite page)
[Solution 3–2] My Menu on the side nav
[Solution 3–2] How workspace menus would show up
[Solution 3–2] Top navigation with icons
[Solution 3–2] A pop-up modal with the top navigation
[Solution 3–3] My Calendar


A part of my endless post-it notes-wall✌️



a marketer-turned-product designer in SF. Currently @Cisco, previous@IBM. Find me @

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Claire Kim

a marketer-turned-product designer in SF. Currently @Cisco, previous@IBM. Find me @